Thursday, May 3, 2012

What is the letter grade equivalent for DSST exams?

How does a DSST exam score equal out to a letter grade?

Well, it really depends on your school. If you took the Introduction to World Religions DANTES test and got a 400 - at most schools you would be getting a C. 426 would get you a B.

 Older tests such as Human Resource Management have these thresholds:
54 - A
53 - B
46-52 C

These score thresholds should be listed on your schools DSST credit website or available on a sheet from your counselor. However, most schools DO NOT award credit this way. A big exception is Excelsior College.

Your 400 at Excelsior College for the World Religions test will get you a pass/fail period.

The HR Management test will give you a different scoring than above:

55 - A
50 - B
46 - C

The moral of the story? Schools can choose any way that they want to award the credit and you should find out that in advance so you can make the proper plans.

-The PassYourClass Team

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