Thursday, January 31, 2013

Testimonial from Jahmal - Introduction to World Religions - I passed!

I ordered the Introduction to World Religions (DSST) Study Guide three weeks prior to my test date, completely read through the text and sample test questions in the back (several times), and scored 439 (minimum passing score is 400). This was my final class before completing my Bachelor’s Degree and I was looking to pass the test and put this last hurdle behind me. I know the intent is to teach the material necessary to pass the test, but I actually learned a few things as well! I do not have experience with any of their other study guides, but if this one is any representation of the rest; I strongly recommend you give this company a chance to be a part of your success as well. PLEASE BELIEVE ME; IT WORKS AS ADVERTISED!



Thanks Jahmal!

We love hearing from successful students.  You are an inspiration to all of us, showing that anyone can do it.


The PassYourClass Team

Friday, January 25, 2013

What does CLEP mean?

What does CLEP mean or what does it stand for?

Those are two very different questions.

CLEP stands for College Level Examination Program.

To "clep" something means to test out of it by taking a CLEP test. Basically, a CLEP test is a test that you take in order to get college credit. If you need more information and are just getting started, check out our New Student Center to find out more.

-The PassYourClass Team

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Do I get a letter grade for a CLEP test?

Do you get a letter grade for your CLEP test?

That depends. In the general sense, no.

When you take a CLEP test, your score will be standardized, but you will receive a numeric score.

Typically, most schools have a score of 50 as a passing score. So, if you score 50 or above you will receive college credit. This appears at most schools as a pass on your transcript.

However, some schools like Excelsior DO apply a grade to your transcript based on your score. A score of 50 will typically get you a C - to which some students say - a pass is a pass! This is not the norm but as always, check with your school before you take a test to make sure it will work in your education plan.

-The PassYourClass Team

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Where can I find CLEP DVDs?

It can be hard to find CLEP DVDs - but we do offer them.

They are currently only available to our library customers, so there is a good chance that one is available for checkout near you.

If you don't have them available in your library, you can request them from your librarian as an inter-library loan or just point them to our site.

-The PassYourClass Team

Friday, January 11, 2013

How many hours of credit for CLEP?

How many hours of credit do you receive for passing a CLEP test?

Well that depends on two things, which test you are taking and your school's policy.

Most tests will give you three college credit hours.

However, the following will give you either 3 to 6 credits - it depends on your school's policies:

American Literature
Analyzing and Interpreting Literature
College Composition
College Composition Modular
College Mathematics
English Literature
Natural Sciences
Social Sciences and History

However, foreign languages will get you 6-12 credits, depending on your score.


So let's get studying!

-The PassYourClass Team

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Where to find CLEP Accounting Financial Review help?

Where can you find Financial Accounting CLEP study help? Right here with our study guide!

We have condensed the information that you need to know to pass your CLEP test into an easy to read and digest study guide. We also include flashcards so that you can review the material with or without the book.

Did you know that you can download the PDF on to your Kindle, Nook or iPad?

Our proven track record will help you get the score that you want. We guarantee you'll pass or your money back!

-The PassYourClass Team