Wednesday, August 7, 2013

CLEP Test Questions

I plan on taking some clep test and I have not taken any college classes yet will your books cover the materials for each subject cause most clep study guides only explain the test and show you the format instead of actually reviewing the subjects.




Hi Erik,

Our study guides teach you the information that you need to know to pass the test. They also include questions to test your knowledge of concepts covered on the test.

We have a 99% Pass Rate! You can pass too! If you need help getting started, please visit our New Student Center for step-by-step information on how to CLEP out and what to do next.

Thank you,

The PassYourClass Team

Friday, August 2, 2013

How many credit hours do you receive for the Humanities CLEP? Can you help me?

Can you help me?

How many credit hours do you get by taking the humanities CLEP, does it cover art appreciation and music? Thanks David


Hi David,

Thank you for your email.

Typically, you will receive six credit hours for passing the test. Most schools will give you the full amount but some schools will only give you three credit hours so you should always check with your school in advance. It does include music and art as well as literature and film. For a complete breakdown and sample test questions, visit the Humanities CLEP Study Guide page.

Thank you,

The PassYourClass Team

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Marketing Testimonial - I passed!

I passed Principles of Marketing CLEP!

I had no previous classes of marketing or background knowledge, I choose this book because it helped me easily pass the college mathematics CLEP. I passed the exam only studying this book. Great product! - Mike H.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

I Passed Physical Geology DSST!

I Passed Physical Geology DSST!

I received my score report today and received a 66 (46 is passing)! - Quinn K.

Congratulations! That is the best feeling to see that your hard work studying has actually paid off!

-The PassYourClass Team

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Only 7 Days Left For Free Shipping!

There's only 7 DAYS left for free shipping!

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Don't put it off any longer, get your CLEP and DANTES tests done now!

-The PassYourClass Team

Friday, May 24, 2013

Customer Testimonial for Social Sciences and History

Here's another comment from another successful student:
I studied off and on for the past week...I felt overwhelmed, mainly because of how hard people said it was. I scored a 65 and passed! I was also nervous because my school requires a 52 instead of the ACE score of 50. The test was easier than i thought it would be. This was my last test to complete my first BS! 

Congratulations! You did it!
-The PassYourClass Team

Friday, May 3, 2013

Student Testimonial for Money and Banking DSST

Testimonial for Money and Banking DSST

Here's a quick testimonial we recently received for Money and Banking:

Passed this exam today with a 64. I studied hard for about three weeks.

Thanks for sharing and letting everyone else know that YOU CAN DO IT TOO! 

Make a plan and get ready to get done with college faster and cheaper!

-The PassYourClass Team

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Free Shipping for May!

It's finally here!

Well, almost. Tomorrow....but shhh...we'll start early.


All you need to do is enter in MAYSHIP at check out for free standard shipping.

Now's a great time to get those credits finished up before summer gets under way.

-The PassYourClass Team

Thursday, March 14, 2013

CLEP Difficulty Scoring

Which CLEP tests are the easiest, which are the hardest and what is in between?

Can you tell me what the degree of difficulty means. How is it scaled? I’ve seen test rated at 2-3 difficulty rating.  What does that tell me?





We score each CLEP and DANTES exam on our website with a difficulty rating. The scoring is from 1-5 with 5 being EXTREMELY difficult. A score of three would be average,  a score of two would be easier than average. These scores are also based on the concept that you are a native English speaker and that you do not have prior experience in the subject. If you have experience in biology for example, for you of course it would be easier than listed. If you are a native German speaker, the German CLEP test would be very easy.

Don't forget that you can take and pass any CLEP test if you put your mind to it!

And - we guarantee you'll pass your CLEP test, or your money back!

-The PassYourClass Team

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Biology - Can you take and pass this CLEP test if you've never taken it in highschool?

Is it possible to study this guide and pass the Biology CLEP without ever taking high school Biology, etc.?



Yes but this is a more “meaty” test. You will need to put in plenty of time to know the concepts backwards and forwards. Based on no prior experience in the subject, it will take longer to learn the material that is covered in the study guide. But if you make a concerted effort and a study schedule, of course you can pass this CLEP test. In fact, we recommend this test as the EASIEST of the CLEP science tests offered.

The other CLEP tests in science are:

Natural Sciences

Of the three, Biology is by far the easiest!

-The PassYourClass Team

Monday, March 11, 2013

I've got CLEP Questions!

How does scoring work for CLEP letter grades?

Does your study guide address all information that will be on the CLEP test?  My school assigns a grade (A, B, or C) to the score, so passing is not enough.  It is important to keep my GPA high.  Also, what is the difference in product between downloaded and shipped?  Also, how quickly is it shipped, from where, and by what transport?  Thanks, Lisa


Hi Lisa,

We teach you what you need to know to pass the test with our clep study guides. Because each school can require a different score level for A, B, C, such as Excelsior, we recommend the following:

If your want to score an A in the subject, you will need to know absolutely everything in the study guide. These tests were designed so that if you score 50% correct, you will pass or get a “C”. 

However, since your school can determine the letter grade to be anything they want, you will need to score extremely high. A way to test yourself to see if you are ready is after studying the material to a point where you feel confidant you know it all, randomly flip through the book until you pick some place at random. Verbally teach and explain that concept to someone else. If you cannot, you are not ready. Repeat until you are. :)

If you want to have the study guide shipped, it is shipped USPS via standard (First Class) or expedited (Priority) mail – which is your choice at checkout. It ships from the West Coast so standard shipping to the West Coast is about 3-5 days, expedited about 2-3 days. East coast will add 1-2 days for each estimate.

The download copy is downloaded immediately after purchase to your computer. You will need to download it and save it to your hard drive. You will not be shipped anything if you choose the download. You will view it and read it in Adobe PDF Reader (free). 

Or you can download it from iBookstore or Amazon but you will have to view it on their devices.

Let us know if you have more questions!

-The PassYourClass Team