Tuesday, May 13, 2014

How many calculus credits do you get?


I had a question about the calculus credits. Looking at some of the schools on the CLEP website, calculus carries 5 credit hours. On your site it says it carries only 3 credit hours, which is 3 credit
hours. Which one is correct?

Thank you,
James B.


Hi James,

It totally depends on the school. They can choose the amount of credit you will receive. Some base it off a certain score, like a score of 50 gets you 3 credits, but a score of 62 and above will get you 6 credits. I wish we could help you more, but the best thing to do is to contact the school directly and get a listing of the credits they will award.

Some schools do it even more complicated, they award you a specific class. For example, passing the College Mathematics CLEP with a 50 will get you 3 credits of Math 1010. If you need Math 1015, then the test won't count towards your math requirements. It will count as an elective instead.

Again, the best way to go is to call your specific school and find out their policies.

Thank you!

The PassYourClass Team

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