Thursday, January 31, 2013

Testimonial from Jahmal - Introduction to World Religions - I passed!

I ordered the Introduction to World Religions (DSST) Study Guide three weeks prior to my test date, completely read through the text and sample test questions in the back (several times), and scored 439 (minimum passing score is 400). This was my final class before completing my Bachelor’s Degree and I was looking to pass the test and put this last hurdle behind me. I know the intent is to teach the material necessary to pass the test, but I actually learned a few things as well! I do not have experience with any of their other study guides, but if this one is any representation of the rest; I strongly recommend you give this company a chance to be a part of your success as well. PLEASE BELIEVE ME; IT WORKS AS ADVERTISED!



Thanks Jahmal!

We love hearing from successful students.  You are an inspiration to all of us, showing that anyone can do it.


The PassYourClass Team

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