Thursday, January 17, 2013

Do I get a letter grade for a CLEP test?

Do you get a letter grade for your CLEP test?

That depends. In the general sense, no.

When you take a CLEP test, your score will be standardized, but you will receive a numeric score.

Typically, most schools have a score of 50 as a passing score. So, if you score 50 or above you will receive college credit. This appears at most schools as a pass on your transcript.

However, some schools like Excelsior DO apply a grade to your transcript based on your score. A score of 50 will typically get you a C - to which some students say - a pass is a pass! This is not the norm but as always, check with your school before you take a test to make sure it will work in your education plan.

-The PassYourClass Team

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